The Process

So You're Interested In Planting in the Greater Ohio District...we are so excited for your desire to partner with us.  We want to make sure that you and your team has all the necessary tools, resources and training necessary.  Here is what planting looks like in the G.O. District.

Step 1:

Contact our Multiplication Team Leader to talk about your interest in planting a new Kingdom community.

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Step 2:

Check out the denominational link for church multiplication: Church Multiplication Collective. Read all of the information available. If you are still interested in church planting, connect again with our Multiplication Leader who will guide you through the next steps.

Step 3:

If recommended (and if you haven’t already done so), you will take the initial assessment on the Church Planter’s Profiles website

Step 4: 

Our District Church Multiplication Leader will review the results of your assessment and determine if your next step would be to go to a full assessment.

Step 5:

After a successful interview, you will register and be sent for a full assessment at a nearby approved Wesleyan Assessment Center.

Step 6:

Pending a recommendation from the Assessment Center to become a Lead Church Planter, you will be connected to a multiplying church or a network (made up of several multiplying churches) for prayer, support, and resourcing. Sponsoring churches and/or networks are critical to the success of new Kingdom communities. If you are not already connected with a sending church or network, we will do our best to help you create a partnership.

Step 7:

A strategic three-year plan (including pre-launch, launch, and post-launch) for the church plant will be completed and with the aid of the District and denominational multiplication leadership, you will prepare a presentation for the District Board of Administration (DBA) through which you will receive approval and further resourcing. 

Step 8:

You and your sponsoring congregation and/or sponsoring network will begin raising capital for the church plant by gathering Prayer & Share Partners.

Step 9:

The G.O. District will allot matching funds of at least $15,000 per year to each project for the duration of 3 years. This amount could be higher depending on the type and specific needs of each plant. Every project will be evaluated and resourced on an individual basis.   However, if the Sponsor and planting team do not raise their portion of the funds, the District will not contribute to the project.  District funds are the last to be given. USF (United Stewardship Funds) will not be required of any church plant for the first 5 years. At the end of the 5thyear, USF will be phased in at 25% per year. 

Step 10:

 Generally, there will be one year of pre-launch work in order to raise funds, participate in further training, secure a Cultivate Coach, and do preliminary visionary and tactical work for the launch. All church planters are required to attend a boot camp program and to have a coach. The District Multiplication Leader will walk with you through this time of preparation.   

Step 11:

Non-Wesleyan planters will always be considered! However, he/she will need to pursue licensing through the Wesleyan Church.


Some of these steps may not be necessary or may be ordered differently depending upon the type of plant, the sending church or network, and the need for district funds. However, all of this will be discussed with the District Multiplication Leader. 

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