The Process

So You're Interested In Planting in the Greater Ohio District...we are so excited for your desire to partner with us.  We want to make sure that you and your team has all the necessary tools, resources and training necessary.  Here is what planting looks like in the G.O District.

Step 1:

Contact one of our Multiplication Synergist and talk to us about your interest in planting.

Step 2:

Read Dr. Ed Love’s book Are You Ready to Plant a New Church? 

Step 3:

Take the initial assessment on Church Planter’s Profiles

Step 4:

The District Church Multiplication Team will review the results of the assessment.

Step 5:

If you score a 60 or above on the initial screening, you will interview with the District CM Team.

Step 6:

After a successful interview, you will register and be sent for a full assessment at Wesleyan Headquarters or a nearby approved Wesleyan assessment center. 

Step 7:

You will be placed on a list to interview with the Regional Pastors as they consider their planting needs.


Step 8:

Regional Pastors will select their planter and create a plan and a list of expectations.

Step 9:

You and the regional churches will begin raising capital for the church plant by gathering Prayer & Sharer Partners.

  • You are responsible for securing 300 Individual Prayer & Sharer Parners                @ $10/month for a 2 year covenant - $36,000/year

  • The Regional Churches and the planter would work on securing 15 Church Prayer & Sharer Partners @ $150/month for a 2 year covenant - $27,000/year

Step 10:

The G.O District will allot $15,000 per year to each missional region with a total of $30,000 in store.  This must be used for planting.  If regions don't plant - they don't get the money.

Step 11:

There will be a minimum of one year Pre-Launch work in order to raise funds, find a coach and do preliminary visionary and strategic work for the launch.

Step 12:

Non-Wesleyan planters will need to pursue licensing through the Wesleyan Church.